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Clarification on tree trimming letters

posted Sep 29, 2014, 6:48 PM by Forest Ridge
Dear Homeowners,
We want to address an issue that has caused a lot of conversation in the community this week.  Many homeowners received a letter from Spectrum in reference to their front yard tree(s).  We want to apologize, because our intent was to bring awareness to tree branches that may hang low enough to cause injury to a person walking on the sidewalk.  Because the Forest Ridge HOA documents do not specify a minimum branch height (Section 2.9), eight (8) feet was used as a guidance found in a City of Schertz ordinance (Article V, Section 54-22).  Arborists recommend that oak trees are only trimmed during the hot months of July-September and the cold months of December-February.
Additionally, a paragraph referencing “rubbish/trash in the yard” was erroneously included on these letters.  We want to apologize for this oversight and assure homeowners that this notice does not affect your standing with the HOA.   Forest Ridge is a beautiful community to reside in and with the help of Spectrum, we continue to keep this goal in mind.
The fourth quarter in Forest Ridge is an exciting and busy time.  October starts with the annual Fall Community Garage Sale before moving onto the Holidays with lots of community decorating for Christmas.  We hope you’ll be a part of the festivities!  If you have additional questions, please contact Spectrum Association Management at 210-494-0659 or
Thank you,
Board of Directors
Forest Ridge Owners Association