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Deer Concerns

posted Jun 26, 2017, 4:08 PM by Forest Ridge
Dear Homeowners:
Our deer neighbors are looking for greener pastures and have begun dining on some of our HOA vegetation. Your HOA contacted Schertz Animal Control on May 26 regarding the potential deer problem in our HOA. Jeff Williams, a Wildlife Representative, provided the following information:

1.   A majority of the time, they will find out that someone in the neighborhood has been feeding the deer. There is a city ordinance prohibiting this activity.

2.  To fight the problem, Jeff recommended deer repellent and/or motion-activated sprinklers or lights, which usually scare the deer off.

3.  Jeff also mentioned that, if our deer problem escalated to a severe safety and health issue, we could try to get the State Wildlife Department to do a study and see if a herd reduction or relocation action could be funded.

If you do a Google search, you’ll find all sorts of ideas to deter the deer from eating your plants. If you happen to be one who occasionally feeds the deer within our HOA confines, please cease. Some folks provide grain, etc. for the deer in the deer’s habitat.  
Any suggestions are welcomed.  We’ve already addressed installing a fence or rail across the water run-offs, but as most of you already know, deer can easily jump 6’ to 8’ fences.   
We will continue to monitor the situation.
Board of Directors
Forest Ridge Owners Association, Inc.