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Forest Ridge Street Resurfacing - EVERYONE is AFFECTED

posted Aug 5, 2012, 9:46 PM by Forest Ridge

The Road Resurfacing work will start on Monday,  August 13.  This day will be crack seal and  there will be NO street closures.

     Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (8/14-16) will be seal coat days.  The neighborhood has been divided into three sections for this work.  Please make sure to define your section and park anywhere outside of your designated area.  Your car must be removed from the street by 8 am.  All cars parked on the street the day of work on your section will be TOWED to an open area in the neighborhood and you will be billed.  You cannot drive on your area after the work for 24 hours.

        SECTION 1:   Tuesday, 8/14, will begin with the area near the 3009 gate, and that gate WILL BE CLOSED.  Section 1 will affect:  Forest Ridge Parkway up to Silverton including the entrance, Flagstone, Madrone, Brush Creek, Horeshoe Cove, Silverton and Summit Hill.  This section will be the yellow section on the map.

        SECTION 2:  Wednesday, 8/15, will be the middle section, and BOTH gates will be OPEN.  Section 2 will affect:  Forest Ridge Parkway from Silverton to Green Bluff, Pebble Run, Red Rock Pass, Iron Ridge Pass only up to Windy Ridge, Grand Forest, Owl Creek, Cascade and Ridge Peak.  This is the red section on the map.

        SECTION 3:  Thursday, 8/16,  will be the section near the Wiederstein gate, and that gate will be CLOSEDSection 3 affects:  Windy Ridge Trail, Iron Ridge Pass from Windy Ridge, Green Bluff, Forest Ridge Parkway from Green Bluff to West Fork, Union Creek, Rimrock Trail, Meadow Creek, Ridge Canyon, West Fork, Sunrise Pass and the entrance to the Weiderstein gate.  This is the blue section on your map.

        Friday, 8/17, is a back-up day in case of bad weather.

PLEASE NOTE:   A small section of road on Pebble Run will be repaired before the work begins.  Residents will still have access to their homes for this repair as only a small section will be worked on.