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Important Information Regarding New Apartments Being Built Off 3009

posted Feb 13, 2016, 4:56 AM by Forest Ridge
Attention, Residents:

As you may have heard, there is a proposal before the City to build an apartment complex off of Wiederstein Road, behind the car wash. The developer is applying for federal funding and intends to dedicate 96 of the 120 units (80%) as low-income housing. The owner of the lot in question is willing to sell to the developer for this purpose, but in order for their plans to go through, the City has to rezone the lot. 

Currently, the property is zoned R-1, which is for single family dwellings on large lots. The developer will be applying to the City of Schertz for a zoning change to R-4, to allow for multi-family units. A Steering Committee has been formed by residents of Forest Ridge II to oppose efforts to rezone this lot, and to organize action within and between nearby subdivisions, including Forest Ridge. A petition has been drafted, and volunteers will be going door-to-door within our subdivision to make copies of that petition available to sign this weekend. 

Opposition to this proposed project is based on concerns as to the effect rezoning will have on property values in the area, congestion and traffic issues, tree preservation, as well as questions as to whether there is an actual need for high-density low-income housing in this area.

The following information is being distributed by the Steering Committee to educate all registered voters in Guadalupe County, and encourage them to sign the petition opposing this rezoning. The Board of Directors thought it might be helpful to transcribe the pamphlet for you, so you can familiarize yourselves with the issue and the Steering Committee's efforts, in advance of the petition circulating the neighborhood.  

If you have questions regarding this issue, or if you want to make other arrangements to sign the petition, please contact the Steering Committee (See telephone and email contacts below.)


Board of Directors
Forest Ridge Owners Association, Inc.


Informational Pamphlet & Petition by Forest Ridge Estates Steering Committee regarding the proposed apartment complex off of Wiederstein Road:

The Preserve at Wiederstein
“A Multi-Family Community”  (proposed)


Royal American Companies (Panama City, FL) has set in motion development plans for a 120-unit multi-family apartment complex to be situated on a large, heavily- wooded parcel at the east end of Wiederstein Road (adjacent to properties at Forest Ridge Estates, the north border of the Deerhaven Subdivision, and across the road from Forest Ridge Subdivision).  The firm boasts of experience building, among others, multiple municipal housing authority properties.  The company manages 170 properties totaling 15,000 residential rental units in different states. It serves as managing agent for properties controlled by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in four states, and in the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

The bottom line is: this company has involvement with “virtually every government program providing affordable (i.e. low income) housing.”  The City of Schertz reporting (Council Minutes) reflect that 96 of 120 apartment units (80%) within the proposed Wiederstein Preserve complex would be allocated for low-income occupancy.

The land area is currently zone R1 (Single Family), but will require a zoning change to R4 zoning (Apartment / Multi-family).

Community Position:

A Forest Ridge Estates Steering Committee seeks your support in opposing the above development plan for the following reasons:

- Conversion to R4 zoning would be totally disruptive of current residents' expectations for the property when investing in homes adjacent thereto.
- Imposes unacceptable and unsafe traffic management issues for an already-congested FM 3009.
- Proposed footprint would destroy a highly valued and historic forested area and animal habitat.
- The development design plan is in violation of the City’s tree ordinances and the para. 21.99 UDC, which states that it is the “intent of the City to encourage the preservation of all trees within the city limits." The above applies (21.9.9B1a) to “All new residential and non-residential development within the city.”
- Site layout design results in destruction of hundreds of trees and violates City Code provisions for “promoting site layout and design in a manner which preserves the maximum amount of ‘Protected’ and ‘Heritage’ trees."
- At least 25% of all trees within a construction site must be preserved (per Sec. 21.9.9B2c); this is not possible as designed.

Community Actions:

All residents sign a petition opposing the proposed site rezoning action.
All residents, if available, commit to appearing at a City Council meeting on the matter, when held.

Steering Committee members request your support for opposition to the developer’s soon-to-be requested zoning change for this property from R-1 to R-4.  Members and citizen volunteers will be visiting each resident within the next few days to offer you the opportunity to voice your support of the committee’s position by signing a petition that will be presented to the Schertz Planning and Zoning Commission, and to the Schertz City Council, whenever public hearings are held on the topic. 

Once the matter is scheduled for hearing before the City Council, your presence at the City Council Chamber Complex (Bldg. #4, Schertz Parkway) meeting would be requested as a sign of commitment by the residents.  The largest resident presence at the City Council will be our best hope of assuring defeat of the proposed actions.  Please feel free to call any Committee member should you have questions or desire further clarification.

Steering Committee Members:

Kim Huhn, 833-3334,

Kenny Zuetcher, 771-5913,

Tom Fraser, 831-0343,

Tom Deering, 842-2657,

Dean Weirtz, 651-0394,

Don Brownlee, 274-4437,