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Pet Waste Reminder

posted Oct 31, 2016, 2:19 PM by Forest Ridge
We would like to remind all dog owners to please pick up the droppings your pet leaves outside. Be sure to always take a few dog waste bags along when you walk your pet so you can clean up properly and throw the waste away.


Many pet owners are unaware of the dangers of pet waste in their yards and communities. The truth is that the waste our pets leave behind poses numerous hazards to humans, the environment, our lawn, and plants. Also, keep in mind that pet waste attracts rodents and vermin to your yard, park, playground, or community common areas, and these pests use the waste as their primary food source. These animals carry a variety of diseases and also bring fleas and ticks into your grass, which can then take up residence on your pets. Using dog waste bags to properly pick up and dispose of the waste can eliminate this problem.