• Where do I get a remote for the gate?

Request a remote from Spectrum*, our management company.

  • My key in my mailbox isn't working. Who do I contact?

First try spraying WD40 on the lock and your key. Do not force the key in the slot. If it doesn't work we suggest going to the local post office on Elbel Road, they should be able to assist you.

  • I want to paint my front door a new color. Do I need to get this approved?

Yes. Please see the Improvements page.

  • Can I set up a payment plan for my association dues?

Set up a payment plan with Spectrum*

  • Where do I go to make changes to my Forest Ridge Owners Association account?

Notify Spectrum* of the change.

  • The street light on my street is not working. Where do I go to report the problem?

Send CPS Energy a report of the street light outage and they will schedule a crew to repair it.

  • Where do I go to report an association violation

Report the violation to Spectrum*

  • Where can I get information regarding the swimming pool?

See our Pool page for information regarding pool rules, parties, and gate cards;

  • What do I do if I just moved into the neighborhood and I need a pool card?

Contact Spectrum*

  • Can I just use the old owner's pool card?

NO. for liability and safety that card number must be deleted from the system and you must be issued a new card.

  • Who do I call if my pool magnetic card is not working?

Contact Spectrum*

  • How do I obtain the code for the pedestrian gates?

Contact Spectrum*

* Note: See the Contacts page for our Property Manager contact information at Spectrum