As a homeowner in Forest Ridge Owners Association, any improvement to your home must be reviewed and approved by the Forest Ridge Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The penalty for not receiving prior ACC approval for an improvement can be severe. Please review the Forest Ridge Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Definition of an "Improvement"

"Any action, other than normal maintenance, which in any way alters the exterior appearance of any Improvement, including, without limitation, its color, or which involves the removal of any Improvement from a Lot, shall be performed only with the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee."

What You Need to Submit a Request Online

  1. Contact information

  2. Location of the improvement (front or back yard, etc.)

  3. Distance from your home and fencing

  4. All materials with their colors that will be used (i.e. cement, wood, siding, stain, etc.)

  5. Dimensions of the improvement in length x width x height (i.e. 10L x 8 W x 8H)

  6. Completed documents: ACC Improvement Request Form, plot map or survey showing the proposed location of improvement

  7. Pictures, drawings, plan or brochures of the improvement

Warning: Any missing information (to include your address and current phone number) will delay the review of your request!

How to Submit an ACC Request

ACC Requests are submitted through the Spectrum website and reviewed by your community's Site Manager to make sure the request has all the requested information. If there are any questions regarding your request, the Site Manager or ACC Committee Chair will contact you. We strive to respond to requests as soon as possible.

Spectrum ACC Coordinator

Joshua Blevins


(210)494-0887 (fax)

Spectrum website